The founders, Kenneth Figueira, CEO, and Matthew Laurenzo, CFO, entered the realm of anti-aging medicine in 2003, driven by a shared passion for Testosterone Replacement Therapy (TRT) and men’s health. Their journey began with the establishment of Palm Beach Vitality, later rebranded as Renew Vitality, in 2010 after departing from their previous company. They embraced this new venture with a vision to innovate and redefine the landscape of men’s wellness. Initially centered in New York City, the company expanded to Los Angeles in March 2017 and Miami in 2018, driven by its commitment to innovative healthcare delivery.

Despite facing challenges posed by the COVID-19 pandemic, Renew Vitality seized opportunities for rapid expansion, welcoming new leaders into its ranks. Through the dedication of its staff and the trust of its patients, the company has experienced robust growth, maintaining a steadfast focus on exceptional services in men’s health. This evolution underscores Renew Vitality’s resilience and its ongoing mission to redefine standards in the field, transcending its modest origins.

The narrative of Renew Vitality exemplifies a journey marked by perseverance and vision. From its inception rooted in the shared enthusiasm of its founders, the company has emerged as a dynamic force in men’s health, with a vision that extends beyond geographical boundaries. Through innovation and unwavering commitment, Renew Vitality continues to shape the landscape of anti-aging medicine, embodying the spirit of resilience and excellence.

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Matthew Laurenzo and Kenneth Figueira | Co-Founders
A few words from our CEO
"Our mission is to unlock your full potential."

Vitality is essential for a fulfilling life. We are committed to helping our patients unlock their full potential. We provide personalized and innovative solutions to address specific health concerns while also enhancing overall well-being. Our goal is to empower every individual with the tools and care they need to live a healthier, more vibrant life.

Our Vision

To become the national model for the facilitation of exceptional patient care and personal health optimization.

Kenneth Figueira, Co-Founder & CEO
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Why Us?

As anti-aging medicine and hormone replacement therapy emerged as innovative, medicated methods for men suffering from hormone imbalance and deficiency, our co-founders Kenneth Figueira and Matthew Laurenzo realized that very few facilities in the United States specialized in the treatment. So, to meet the growing demand of men suffering from low testosterone and provide them with a medical facility to address their hormonal issues, the two men pooled their resources together and worked to create Renew Vitality in 2012.

First based in New York, Renew Vitality focused on pairing natural premier hormone medications with manageable lifestyle plans to treat age-related symptoms such as diabetes, obesity, cardiovascular disease, osteoporosis, and erectile dysfunction. Through the use of various peptide, HGH, bioidentical, and testosterone replacement therapies, the staff at Renew Vitality were able to improve men’s low hormone levels and restore their physical health, helping them to live longer and lead more active lives.

However, Figueira and Laurenzo were not satisfied with just helping men in New York with hormone replacement therapy. Instead, their goal was to ensure that any man could find access to Renew Vitality’s premier anti-aging treatment anywhere in the United States. With that goal in mind, they later worked to expand the Renew Vitality brand to California residents with another clinic in 2017.

A few years later, Renew Vitality expanded again with the opening of our Florida clinic in 2019. Since then, Renew Vitality’s expansion has rapidly accelerated, with over 50 locations in 23 states nationwide. Once limited to just a few offices, Renew Vitality now has a network of multiple clinics and medical facilities to help men determine the root cause of their hormone deficiencies and treat the symptoms.

Now, Renew Vitality has expanded its reach with well-renowned physicians like Dr. Thierry Jacquemin, Dr. Gary Marshall, and Dr. Gary Kawesch to provide premier hormone replacement therapy and anti-aging medicine all over the United States. Together, along with other medical professionals at Renew Vitality, they combine their decades of combined experience to pair safe and effective hormone treatment with exercise and diet programs to help men correct their hormone deficiencies and change their lifestyles to optimize their overall health.

At Renew Vitality, we believe that no matter the age, every man deserves a chance to improve their overall quality of life. So our mission is to help men treat their age-related symptoms and medical conditions so they can regain and maintain their hormone levels as they get older.

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Team Renew Vitality
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Team Renew Vitality | Wine, Women, and Shoes
For men

To address men’s unique physiologies, we offer several hormonal treatments to fit their specific body types and individual needs. Our hormone replacement programs include:

  • Testosterone Therapy
  • Peptide Therapy
  • Sexual Optimization
  • Erectile Dysfunction (ED)

Renew Vitality also provides weight-loss solutions for men suffering from chronic weight gain and obesity, by utilizing treatment plans, including:

  • Tirzepatide
  • Semaglutide
  • Liraglutide
  • Metformin
  • Phentermine
  • Saxenda®️
  • Zepbound®️
  • Wegovy®️

The aging process can create substantial challenges in a man’s life and you may be unsure of the cause or what to do about it. Our medical team here at Renew Vitality is eager to help you by diagnosing the underlying causes of your age-related symptoms and providing comprehensive solutions to overcome those issues.

We are proud to offer an experienced and reliable support team to facilitate your journey to health optimization. Whether you have come to Renew Vitality for testosterone therapy, peptide therapy, a weight-loss program or ED/sexual enhancement, our medical team is here to help.

We will show you how to effectively implement your anti-aging program to produce the results you’re looking to achieve to overcome your age-related issues and take back your life!

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Renew your youthful energy

Protecting and enhancing a variety of physical functions, testosterone is essential for energy, muscle and bone growth and sexual health. When levels drop, many men experience fatigue, muscle weakness, erectile dysfunction and even osteoporosis.

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Revive your physical performance

Reversing the effects of aging, Sermorelin treatments help restore youthful energy and health. GHRH has been proven to protect and increase muscle mass, reduce body fat, improve physical performance, improve sexual drive and sleep patterns.

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Revitalize your sexual health

Testosterone isn’t the only fuel for a man’s sex drive and performance. But low testosterone can reduce your ability to have satisfying sex. Lack of sex drive and erectile dysfunction are sexual problems that can result from low testosterone.

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Richard Lockhart
Richard Lockhart

I really appreciate the knowledge and expertise of my Patient Coordinator Lyle Frank, with his assistance I was able to see a Doctor who specialized in Men’s Health and develop a program tailored to help me overcome both mental(I was struggling with productivity, and work related drive) and physical hurdles(soreness, fatigue, recovery) I was dealing with not only in the gym but in my day to day(work, family, etc.) because of Men’s Vitality I am having an amazing social life, family life, gym life. and the best sleep I’ve had in years. While all of us are different I can attest this experience has been life changing for me, Thanks Lyle, and Renew Vitality.

Daniel Martinez
Daniel Martinez

First of all, let me say this journey was not easy. It was not immediate. But, without Renew Vitality and Dr. Jacquemin, it would have been impossible. Before TRT and Renew Vitality’s Testosterone Clinic, I was a sad, depressed person. I hated myself for weighing over 400 pounds. I was a lousy husband—an inadequate father. And I had no clue how I let it get out of control. Once I created this unhealthy spiral, I could not find my way out. I had tried everything to the point where I relegated myself to “I will always be fat” and “I am going to die early.” I just assumed that would be my fate. You have to understand that I have tried everything outside of surgery.

Eric Ouelette
Eric Ouelette

Renew Vitality Testosterone Replacement Clinic has truly been a game changer for me! Before discovering this clinic, l was feeling perpetually fatigued, lacking the vibrant energy that once characterized my life. It was a grey existence, one that seemed to be coated in a persistent fog. Then, I discovered the Renew Vitality Clinic. Their incredibly professional, passionate, and knowledgeable team (Lyle Frank, especially) carefully led me through the process of testosterone replacement therapy. It was a revelation! Their tireless efforts paid off, and I felt my energy levels soar, my motivation returning in an exhilarating rush. My life has palpably shifted for the better since undergoing treatment at Renew Vitality.

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