Sexual Health Enhancement

Sexual Health Enhancement

Aging, ED and Sexual Health Enhancement

Most everyone questions their sexual health at some point in their life, especially as they age. When these problems start to become the norm or are become more severe, it can negatively impact a person both physically and psychologically.

Hormone deficiencies leading to reduced sex drive are among the most common sexual health concerns, with one in five men over 45 exhibiting low testosterone levels. T deficiencies can contribute to secondary conditions such as erectile dysfunction. The good news is that low hormone levels completely treatable and the symptoms reversible.

Sexual Health and the Aging Male

Low libido, erectile dysfunction, and delayed ejaculation are the three most commonly reported symptoms of declining sexual health in aging males, though the reach of these side effects goes much further.

A survey conducted by the University of California found substantial psychological and emotional side effects in senior men with sexual difficulties; reported issues included distress, relationship issues, and lessened quality of life.

Symptoms of Poor Sexual Health

  • Low libido
  • Difficulty achieving or maintaining an erection
  • Difficult or delayed ejaculation
  • Loss of interest in sexual activity both with or without their partner
  • Depression
  • Intimacy or relationship problems

Hormone Replacement Therapy Sexual Health Enhancement

Does It Work?

HRT works to reduce or reverse sexual side effects caused by hormone deficiencies in a lot of patients, though this treatment isn’t for everyone. Men with a history of prostate cancer or heart problems are not advised to take this treatment.

A study by the European Society of Endocrinology found that it typically takes 3-6 weeks for men to experience noticeable side effects, though some people report feeling a difference in just two weeks. The first changes usually reported with HRT are better mood, more energy, and an improved sense of well being. Since everyone processes medication differently, there’s no hard and fast rule for when HRT will take effect.


Low testosterone is a direct cause of low libido in aging males and can also contribute to erectile dysfunction. Low libido associated with testosterone deficiency doesn’t just affect a man’s sexual health with their partner; one study found that men with low T have decreased interest in masturbation as well.

TRT is shown to revive libido too, and can also help symptoms of ED thanks to its physiological effects on metabolism and body composition. Obese males are 30-90% more likely to suffer from ED and are 40% more likely to have abnormally low T levels. In addition to its positive physiological changes, TRT has also been found to increase mood, libido, and overall energy in hypogonadal men.


Sermorelin is a form of hormone therapy that binds to certain receptors causing the pituitary gland to release naturally-produced human growth hormone. This treatment is shown to have a positive effect on cholesterol levels, the metabolizing of fat, and cognition – all of which can attribute to sexual problems.

Most cases of ED, especially in men with low HGH levels, are attributed to atherosclerosis – the hardening of arteries due to a buildup of cholesterol inside the arterial walls. When the blood flow to the penis becomes restricted due to narrowed blood vessels, men often find it difficult or impossible to achieve an erection.

Sermorelin helps ED by decreasing bad cholesterol and increasing levels of “good” cholesterol. The positive effect that sermorelin has on lipolysis, or the way fats are broken down in the body, can help to break down the lipids trapped in the arteries. One study published by the American Heart Association found a decrease in “bad” cholesterol after just 12 weeks of hormone therapy.

How We Can Help

Renew Vitality is a network of men’s health facilities that implement the most cutting-edge hormone treatments for men with hormone deficiencies. Our providers work with each patient on an individual basis to determine what course of treatment is best for them.

Poor sexual health isn’t something you have to accept as you age. Scientific advancements allow for men to have completely healthy sexual functions well into their golden years. Do you feel that your sexual problems may be rooted in a hormone deficiency? If so, please schedule a consultation with our experts today.

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