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Low-T Quiz

Low Testosterone Quiz

This quiz is the industry standard ADAM (Androgen Deficiency in the Aging Male) Questionnaire. ADAM is more widely known as Low Testosterone or Low-T.

Select any of the following statements that apply to you. This will calculate your score which, along with a physical exam and laboratory testing, will be used to determine if Testosterone Replacement Therapy is right for you.

1. Are you experiencing a decrease in libido?
2. Are you experiencing a lack of energy?
3. Are you experiencing a decrease in strength and or endurance?
4. Are you losing height?
5. Are you experiencing a decrease in enjoyment of life?
6. Have you been feeling sad and or grumpy?
7. Have your erections have been less potent?
8. Have you been experiencing a decrease in your ability to exercise?
9. Has there been a deterioration in your work performance?
10. Have you been seeing an increase in fat deposits around your abdomen hips or thighs?

If you answered Yes to less than 3 questions, your score is pretty low. However, if you answered Yes to questions 1 or 2, your symptoms could still be caused by low testosterone. The only way to know for sure is to schedule some lab work and find out what your levels are. Fill out the form and one of our knowledgeable counselors will contact you to discuss your symptoms and set up a consultation.

If you answered Yes to 4 or more questions, you are likely experiencing symptoms such as fatigue and low libido. These symptoms are very likely caused by Low Testosterone or Low-T. Fill out the form below, and we will contact you to tell you more about how Testosterone Treatment could help you!

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Testosterone Treatments

Protecting and enhancing a variety of physical functions, testosterone is essential for energy, muscle and bone growth and sexual health. When levels drop, many men experience fatigue, muscle weakness, erectile dysfunction and even osteoporosis. With hormone replacement therapy, we restore testosterone levels, reviving youthful energy and vigor.



Growth Hormone Therapy

Reversing the effects of aging, Sermorelin treatments help restore youthful energy and health. GHRH has been proven to protect and increase muscle mass, reduce body fat, improve physical performance, improve sexual drive and sleep patterns. Customizing your therapy to your specific needs, we help you rediscover the man you once were.


sexual health

Better Sexual Health

Testosterone isn’t the only fuel for a man’s sex drive and performance. But low testosterone can reduce your ability to have satisfying sex. Lack of sex drive and erectile dysfunction are sexual problems that can result from low testosterone. If low testosterone is the cause, treating it can help.