PT-141 Peptide Therapy

PT-141 Peptide Therapy

Any type of sexual dysfunction can be difficult to navigate in a relationship. It can reduce your sex drive and change the quality of your intimacy with your significant other. In addition, the change in romantic interactions may cause you to become depressed, anxious, stressed out, or develop low self-esteem. Those drastic changes in moods can cause strain on your overall emotional health and eventually affect your body.

Erectile dysfunction studies have shown that ED increases the risk of heart disease in men. In the United States, over 30 million men have erectile dysfunction. Scientific studies even project that 322 million will have ED by 2025.

That doesn’t bode for the male population in terms of mortality rate. So, to improve a male’s lifespan and health, ED medications like Viagra or Cialis are currently available to help stimulate sexual desire.

However, there is a more natural medication that doctors can prescribe to help treat ED and boost sexual performance. So if you’re a patient who is thinking about trying an alternative treatment for your erectile dysfunction, it may be beneficial to ask your physician about PT-141.

What Is PT-141?

PT-141 peptide dosage

PT-141 is a synthetic peptide developed from the Melanotan 2 hormone used in tanning salons to help alter skin pigmentation. Known as Bremelanotide, PT-141 has been discovered to help treat sexual disorders such as erectile dysfunction or hypoactive sexual desire disorder.

How does PT-141 Operate for Men?

PT-141 is normally subcutaneously injected in the fat deposit areas of the body, which in most cases, include the lower abdominal area or on the inside of the thigh. Whereas ED medications like Cialis and Viagra open blood flow through your vascular system to cause an erection, PT-141 binds itself to the melanocortin receptors to work through the nervous system. As the receptors travel to the brain, PT-141 prompts them to send signals to the hypothalamus, increasing arousal, desire, and sexual satisfaction.

What Are The Benefits Of PT-141 Peptide Hormone?

PT-141’s ability to restore sexual desire and performance can also help reduce the risk of a stroke or heart attack. In doing so, PT-141 can also provide other benefits associated with regular exercise, including:

  • Low blood pressure
  • Reduced stress levels
  • Burning fat
  • Restored self-confidence
  • Enhanced mood
  • Better sexual intercourse with your partner

When Should I Take PT-141?

PT-141 for men

You begin administering subcutaneous injections at least 45 minutes before sexual activity. You can only do this two to three times a week, as you can’t use more than the required dosage every 24-36 hours.

Is PT 141 Safe?

PT-141 is currently FDA-approved as a naturally safe way to treat erectile dysfunction. In addition, since it works through the nervous system instead of the cardiovascular system, PT-141 can be administered to most adults and even patients suffering from heart complications.

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However, peptide therapy can affect each person differently and patients taking PT-141 have been shown to experience various side effects. Most patients feel discomfort and find their skin is bumpy, red, or in pain at the site of injection. Some patients have reported experiencing many other side effects, which include:

  • Headache
  • Flushing
  • Nausea
  • Irritation
  • High blood pressure

Since Bremelanotide is used to darken skin pigmentation, patients may also develop a dark complexion around their face and gums. On average, those side effects have also shown to be permanent in patients with a naturally darker complexion. Make sure to consult with your primary doctor about whether or not your body may experience any of these side effects before taking PT-141.

You will also need to discuss any pre-existing conditions and medications with your physician, so they can determine if PT-141 will be compatible with your current health regiment.

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Frequently Asked Questions

PT-141 has been proven effective in helping with sexual dysfunction in men, thanks to its alternative method of subcutaneous injection. By working through the nervous system and binding Melanotan receptors to the hypothalamus (the area of the brain responsible for sexual arousal), PT-141 is a fast-acting method that can help boost sexual desire and motivation.

Whereas Cialis and Viagra use the vascular system to increase the blood flow only to prompt an erection, PT-141 can provide a natural stimulant to the brain to produce interest and attraction.

Since results can last up to 72 hours for each 2mg dose, it’s recommended not to exceed the maximum dosage within that time frame. So you can only take PT-141 three times a week and no more than eight times a month to safely benefit from the results.

Aside from headaches and nausea, patients have reported experiencing several side effects, including:

  • Dizziness
  • Slowed heartbeat
  • Swelling of the lips
  • Vomiting
  • Stuffy nose and cough
  • Blurred vision

Yes. PT-141 has been proven safe to use with Viagra (Sildenafil). In clinical studies, the co-administration of the two increased erectile activity without causing any serious adverse effects.

Renew Vitality offers safe and effective hormone replacement therapy for men with erectile dysfunction. Our mission is to provide men with cutting-edge solutions to improve their overall health and well-being. To learn more about PT-141 or our other services, please call our offices at (561) 425-6354 or visit us at


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