Gretchen Smith

Gretchen Smith

Renew Vitality has changed my life. Growing up outdoors and playing sports in South Florida, I was always relatively thin and didn’t have much trouble staying in shape…until my mid-30s. I met my husband in 2010 and during the years of dating and early in our marriage, we developed a steadfast appreciation for high calorie foods, too much relaxing on the beach, and great wine. Years of “living the good life” slowly but surely packed the pounds on until I no longer recognized myself.  I was sedentary, overweight, and tired of the need to keep buying clothes in bigger sizes.

I started the Semaglutide weight loss program with Renew in July of 2022 and lost 48lbs in the first three months. To date, I’m 74lbs lighter than I was at my heaviest. I’ve gone from a size 16 to a size 2 and am now in the best shape of my life. Ridding myself of the excess weight made going to the gym easier and more enjoyable. I now work out 5x a week and am currently training for a triathlon. My husband was so shocked by how quickly I transformed that he also started the program and has lost 46lbs.

I love my new life and new body and am so grateful to the team at Renew Vitality for the jump start I needed for a healthier life.

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The Renew Team is very comprehensive with the treatment instructions and provides great advice in fast turnaround. Nick is always available to help me with my questions and doesn't have a problem to jump on the phone with me to guide me through any inquiry I may have. Also, the results have been amazing so far. I feel very motivated again, very energetic and optimistic, and my levels of endurance have risen to a great point, so I can workout without feeling tired so easily.

William Álvarez

Fantastic service. Super simple to setup an appointment and super convenient delivery! The staff is very knowledgeable any questions are answered right away. Definitely check them out!

Darwin Deleon

I have had nothing but a positive experience with all involved. Matt has been exceptional in both his attentiveness and professionalism. He’s always very responsive to questions and available if I need him. I highly recommend this group and will continue to use them.

Ben Barton

Renew Vitality has been amazing to work with. Seamless customer support, at home delivery and insightful information on how to get the most out of your treatment options! You will feel better than you have in a long time! Can't recommend their team enough!

Michael Montalvo

I started this treatment five months ago and I am feeling much better, both mentally and physically. I have been working with Nick, and he is always available to answer any question I have. He also walked me through the steps of administering the testosterone.

Michael Wilson