Ben Kimmel

Ben Kimmel

Please allow me to introduce myself. My name is Ben Kimmel and I am like anyone else in this world, which means I am a real person.

Safe to say that age happens to everybody. It is also safe to say that in my case, age happened to me as well.

I gained a tremendous amount of weight. Aside from a slim-waistline, I lost my confidence and my drive. I was sluggish and uncomfortable to say the least. My depression was unrelenting and my days were unexciting and my diet was poor.

I came to the realization that I did not like myself, nor did I like what I saw when I looked in the mirror each morning. So, this is when (and why) I needed help the most.

The hardest call to make was the first call, which in fairness; I admit to the shame that kept me from reaching out for help in the past.

I assumed the worst.

I made calls to different doctors who were less-than sensitive to an already humble dilemma.

I tried a better diet and nutritional options but at the same time; I knew that I needed more help.

I wanted to feel better. I wanted to look better and also, I wanted to perform better.

I reached out to Renew Vitality . . .

This is when I was connected with my patient coordinator Lyle Frank. (AKA: A life-saver)

Not only is my weight down more than 60lbs, my body looks better than it did when I was young and in my prime.

In all fairness, I knew there needed to be a change. I say this because what happened was I saw a photograph and wondered who that person was and why they looked so fat . . .”

It was me. I gained so much weight that I didn’t even recognize myself in a photograph. The shame I felt from this was unthinkable. But at the same time, the shame I felt from this encouraged me to change direction, so rather than eat more and put myself into a food coma; I made a choice to seek better health.

I was encouraged to create a W.R.A.P (Wellness Recovery Action Plan.) I had never heard of anything like this before, but Lyle Frank introduced me to the process. I worked on a plan and held myself accountable for my actions. I improved my eating habits. I improved my exercise routine. I created a resource of wellness guides and support, and yes, this was all due to the helpful suggestions of my coordinator, Lyle. The process was easy. I had my labs done. I spoke with a doctor and just like that, my WRAP included.

I have transformed and yes, I did the work to make this happen; however, I was not alone on this journey. Lyle was there to guide me through the steps as well as support me through my intimidations regarding how to deliver my injections, which are simple for me now.

I was guided and shown and encouraged and as a result of this; like any fine mixture of ingredients and hard work, I have a flat stomach. I have my dignity back. And, I have a sex life now . . .

In the beginning:

My A1C was over 11. My BMI was approaching obesity. My self-esteem was lower than the floor and I had no hope. I am currently down over 60lbs, My A1C is a 5.2 which is below the Type2 Diabetic range. My cholesterol is normal. My blood pressure is normal. However, my ability is above normal. My energy levels are better than when I was a teen. I heal and recover quickly.

My testosterone levels have improved and the peptide therapies are truly a gamechanger. I went with Tesamorelin,CJC1285-Ipamorelin and the ride has been smooth ever since my journey began!

I am in the best shape of my life.

I feel healthy and I look healthy and as a person who has lived with life-long, medicated resistant depression, I feel better than I have ever felt in my entire life.

Thank you Lyle –

You’ve done more for me than you will ever know.

This is why I’m keeping my program with you and Renew!

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The Renew Team is very comprehensive with the treatment instructions and provides great advice in fast turnaround. Nick is always available to help me with my questions and doesn't have a problem to jump on the phone with me to guide me through any inquiry I may have. Also, the results have been amazing so far. I feel very motivated again, very energetic and optimistic, and my levels of endurance have risen to a great point, so I can workout without feeling tired so easily.

William Álvarez

Fantastic service. Super simple to setup an appointment and super convenient delivery! The staff is very knowledgeable any questions are answered right away. Definitely check them out!

Darwin Deleon

I have had nothing but a positive experience with all involved. Matt has been exceptional in both his attentiveness and professionalism. He’s always very responsive to questions and available if I need him. I highly recommend this group and will continue to use them.

Ben Barton

Renew Vitality has been amazing to work with. Seamless customer support, at home delivery and insightful information on how to get the most out of your treatment options! You will feel better than you have in a long time! Can't recommend their team enough!

Michael Montalvo

I started this treatment five months ago and I am feeling much better, both mentally and physically. I have been working with Nick, and he is always available to answer any question I have. He also walked me through the steps of administering the testosterone.

Michael Wilson