Anti-aging in los angeles

Anti-aging in los angeles

Our mission at Renew Vitality is to help men live their most fulfilling life through care and treatment administered by our team of experts.

Our highly-skilled care providers offer two hormone replacement therapies to help alleviate symptoms of low hormone levels, and work with the patients to create individualized wellness plans tailored to their specific nutrition and exercise needs.

Meet Your Anti-Aging Doctor in Los Angeles

Dr. Gary Kawesch is a Yale University alumnus where he studied Molecular Biophysics and Biochemistry. He practiced as an ophthalmic surgeon for over 18 years; during this time, he pioneered surgical techniques that eventually became part of LASIK surgery.

Having studied at The American Academy of Anti-Aging Medicine, Dr. Kawesch has developed a strong understanding of the science of aging and hormone replacement

Today, Dr. Kawesch brings his substantial expertise to Renew Vitality’s Los Angeles branch.

What are the Symptoms of Aging in Men?

There are many signs of aging in males, but the most common issues associated with andropause (commonly referred to as male menopause) are fatigue, sexual problems, muscle weakness, and bouts of depression.

With aging often comes bone deterioration, or the tendency for bones to release calcium into the bloodstream, and can lead to bones that are prone to breakage if left unchecked. Osteoporosis and similar problems tend to occur in men who have lower testosterone.

Benefits of TRT and Sermorelin Therapy for Anti-Aging

Renew Vitality offers two hormone replacement therapies to help patients combat the effects of aging: testosterone replacement therapy (TRT) and Sermorelin Therapy.

Testosterone Replacement Therapy has been shown by several independent studies to promote weight loss in males with low T levels. Patients of TRT report increased mood, energy, and an overall sense of well-being.

Sermorelin Therapy isn’t as widely talked about as testosterone replacement therapy, but it has proven effective at treating and reversing signs of aging in men. Studies have shown that sermorelin therapy aids in the body’s ability to break down fat while increasing lean muscle mass, boosts the immune system, increases sex drive, and promotes restful sleep.

Sermorelin therapy has been found to speed the body’s natural healing processes and can even stimulate the organs to heal after injury or major surgery.


As we age, we tend to notice our waistlines growing thanks to a lowered metabolism. But did you know hormones play a role in metabolic efficiency? Testosterone affects how fat is stored in our bodies by promoting muscle gain which in turn boosts the calories burned by the body when at rest and during exercise.

With the help of a comprehensive, medically-supervised TRT regimen, you can work towards your desired body composition by encouraging your body to build muscle mass instead of fat.


When a man becomes aroused, the body responds by releasing naturally occurring testosterone. But men with low T levels may not be able to supply their neuroreceptors with enough of the hormone to trigger a physiological response.

According to an article published by The Journal of Clinical Endocrinology & Metabolism, “T supplementation has been associated with increases in sexual functioning, mood, and strength” in aging men who complain of low libido. Besides helping increase your drive, testosterone supplementation also boosts mood and energy.


Research has linked low testosterone levels with the loss of bone density, and one study found that men who were given supplemental testosterone experienced increased bone density when the dosage was high enough.

What to Expect from Your Anti-Aging Clinic

Renew Vitality is dedicated to helping men to fight the signs of aging through testosterone and sermorelin therapy and to help men embrace a healthier lifestyle with individualized diet and exercise plans. Our wellness programs teach men how to restructure their diet to maintain a healthy lifestyle, working with the patient to create an exercise regimen that reflects their personal goals.

Our office is located in Beverly Hills, California and features a highly-skilled team of care providers who work collectively to ensure every patient feels comfortable as they go through their wellness journey.

About Your Visit

If you decide to come to Renew Vitality, there are a few things you can look forward to at our LA location. At least 48 hours before your exam, we ask you to send in a blood sample so that we can discuss your results during our consult. When you come in, our team of hormone professionals then discuss your results and medical history.

In addition to that, the hormone exam involves a basic physical evaluation (height, weight, blood pressure, pulse). The whole thing lasts anywhere from 30 to 45 minutes, and we take great pains to make you as comfortable as possible.

While the blood test portion of the exam is not required, it allows us to give you a more informed consult. However, if you like, you can also have your consult first, then agree to do the blood test.

From there, we work with you to craft a comprehensive treatment plan that includes a hormone regimen, diet and lifestyle changes. Do you suspect you have low testosterone? Want to see what Renew Vitality’s hormone therapies and wellness plans can do for your health? Sign up for an exam and consultation with our team of wellness professionals today.

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