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Wilmington, NC

Testosterone Replacement Therapy Clinic

1508 Military Cutoff Rd, Wilmington, NC 28403

Testosterone Replacement Therapy Clinic in Wilmington, NC

When low testosterone symptoms first start, life can become scary and confusing.
Many men will wonder why they’re suddenly gaining weight and becoming weaker despite regular exercise, eventually believing that everything happening to them is simply a sign of aging. But that’s only partly true. As you age, your body will definitely experience many changes that can affect your overall physical health. But most of the time, the main cause behind many of these changes involves the state of your testosterone.

Low testosterone is a common medical condition that will inevitably affect every man as they reach middle age. Typically, men’s testosterone levels start to decline once they reach their 30s and will continue to decrease by 1% every year they get older. By the time men reach their 40s, their T levels have dropped dangerously low. Soon, that testosterone deficiency will begin to negatively affect their physical function and cause them to exhibit various unwanted symptoms such as constant fatigue, reduced sexual desire, muscle weakness, rapid weight gain, weakened bone density, and joint inflammation.

If these symptoms are left untreated, they can progress into more serious medical issues such as osteoporosis, cardiovascular disease, accelerated sarcopenia, and erectile dysfunction. Once men with low testosterone are forced to live with these conditions, the stress can lead them to exhibit psychological issues such as depression that can contribute to their declining health, eventually causing their health to worsen.

To treat these issues before they start, you will need an effective medical treatment that can help you to elevate your testosterone levels to acceptable standards. With male hormone replacement therapy, physicians can provide regularly scheduled hormone medications to provide men with the additional hormones needed to balance their hormone levels. In addition, the cutting-edge procedure of HRT allows men with low testosterone to undergo a testosterone replacement therapy (TRT) program that can supplement their bodies with the testosterone they can no longer produce. Through TRT, men can introduce additional amounts of testosterone into their bodies to boost their testosterone levels to optimal standards and alleviate their Low T symptoms. In doing so, men can improve their overall health and experience several physical improvements, including:

  • Increased sexual desire
  • Improved muscle mass and muscle strength
  • Decreased body fat
  • Boosted energy levels
  • Enhanced cognitive function

After TRT, men with low testosterone are able to renew their sexual performance, restore their vitality, rediscover their youth and optimize their overall health for a more fulfilling quality of life.

At the Renew Vitality Testosterone Clinic in Wilmington, NC, we provide hormone replacement therapy to men suffering from hormone imbalances such as low testosterone. Our fantastic staff of experienced hormone specialists combines safe hormonal treatments with personalized wellness plans into an effective, comprehensive therapy that can help you regain your physical function and optimize your overall health. Call us at (910) 377-5040 and schedule an appointment with one of our physicians in North Carolina to discuss potential treatment options for your low testosterone.

Testosterone Replacement Therapy Clinic in Wilmington, NC<

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Revive your men's health with integrated lifestyle and wellness programs.

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Get your drive back

Revive your men's health with integrated lifestyle and wellness programs.

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Welcome to Renew Vitality

How Much Does Testosterone Replacement Therapy Cost in Wilmington, North Carolina?

Since every patient’s body is uniquely structured and may require special accommodations to get the most out of their treatment, the average cost of testosterone replacement therapy will typically vary depending on the nature of each plan. To estimate the potential costs of your treatment plan, you will need to set up a consultation at the Renew Vitality Clinic in Wilmington, NC.

During your initial visit, a Renew Vitality physician will review your medical history and conduct a physical evaluation to determine the underlying cause of your low testosterone symptoms. Then, depending on their diagnosis, your physician will customize a treatment plan to address your low testosterone and accommodate your body’s specific biological needs.

After you receive your treatment plan, our office will provide an expense report based on the type of medication used for treatment, the dosage level, and the amount of time required for your body to adjust to the medicine and achieve results. Once you’ve reviewed the potential costs of your customized program, we can discuss your available payment options so you can begin planning your budget before starting TRT therapy.

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Our Doctors at Renew Clinic in Wilmington, NC

All Doctors
Dr. Thierry Jacquemin, DO

Dr. Thierry Jacquemin is an international board-certified physician in Internal Medicine, and he has spent the last decade of his professional life helping his patients live better, smarter, longer, and prettier. His center of attention is on the optimization of the human physical potential, hormonal health, and advanced preventive medicine. Dr. Jacquemin completed his residency at Mount Sinai Medical Center and subsequently at Palmetto General Hospital, where he served an additional academic year as Chief Resident.

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Dr. Gary Kawesch, M.D.

Dr. Gary Kawesch, MD graduated with the highest Summa Cum Laude and Phi Beta Kappa honors from Yale University, …

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Dr. Henry J. Van Pala, MD

Dr. Henry J. Van Pala, Yale University trained and board certified Internal Medicine physician and board certified Gastroenterologist, serves as the physician at Renew Vitality Testosterone Clinic of Raleigh. Prior to attending medical school, Dr. Van Pala earned a degree in Pharmacy from St. John’s University School of Pharmacy in New York, New York in 1974.

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Dr. Alfonso Morales, MD

Dr. Morales specializes in Pain Medicine. He is a Diplomate of the American Board of Pain Medicine, and a member of the American Academy of Pain Medicine, American Pain Society, and International Association for the Study of Pain. As a guest speaker at numerous medical conventions and conferences. he has a passion for educating physicians and patients, in the multimodal pain approach to the management of pain.

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Dr. Patrick Allen, MD

Dr. Patrick Allen, MD, II, PLLC, serves the Richland Hills, Texas community. As your local men’s health and wellness provider, Dr. Patrick Allen and his compassionate and friendly staff look forward to caring for you through many stages of life. Whatever the reason for your visit, you will be pleased to find a comfortable and relaxing environment in which you are assisted by a knowledgeable team of health professionals.

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What Treatment Benefits Can I Expect to Receive at Renew Vitality in Wilmington, NC

Convenient Nationwide Locations

Our organization is dedicated to ensuring that every North Carolina resident can find accessible men's hormone therapy near their home. Aside from the Renew Vitality Clinic in Wilmington, NC, we also have offices in Charlotte, Greensboro, Greenville, Jacksonville, and Raleigh to make it easier to find a Low T clinic in your area.

We also understand that finding the spare time to meet with physicians can be challenging when you're already dealing with many other aspects of your life. So our doors are open early in the morning and won't close until late in the evening, allowing you to schedule appointments that fit within your busy routine, whether you're visiting us before you head to work or after you've picked the kids up from school.

There also may come a time when you’ll need to travel for business or relocate to a new home. Keeping up with your regular doses as you’re traveling or finding a nearby men’s health clinic in a new area can make it difficult to resume treatment. But as we’ve said before, our company’s mission involves making HRT easily accessible to every potential patient. Renew Vitality has a network of clinics that span over 50 locations nationwide, so if you need to travel or move to another state, we can continue to monitor your progress and provide another Renew Vitality clinic to help you resume treatment once you’ve settled down in your new home.

Personalized Treatment

Personalized Treatments

Finding an effective hormone replacement treatment that makes you comfortable is the first step to improving your health. So at the Renew Vitality Clinic in Wilmington, NC, our staff thoroughly reviews your medical history and incorporates your personal preferences into a customized therapy plan that accommodates your specific needs, allowing you a safe experience.

And although HRT works best with physical fitness and healthy eating habits, we also understand that suddenly changing your routine can be challenging while struggling with low testosterone symptoms. So, our wellness coaches consider your food preferences and current physical capabilities to create an exercise and nutritional regimen that you can easily manage to optimize your treatment and maximize your results.

Personalized Treatment

Experienced Team of Professionals

Each of our physicians, nurse practitioners, and wellness coaches is dedicated to helping you correct your hormone imbalance and regain your health. The friendly and talented medical professionals in our network of clinics have years of experience prescribing and administering regenerative medicine. Their combined decades of expertise have provided effective hormone replacement therapy to hundreds of men suffering from low testosterone. You can trust you’re receiving reliable guidance and treatment on your journey to restoring your physical function and overall health. And if you're unable to reach your Renew Vitality physician for any reason, our knowledgeable response team can handle any questions or concerns you may have regarding treatment within 24 hours.

Personalized Treatment