Testosterone Replacement Therapy Clinic in Miami, FL

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Testosterone Replacement Therapy Clinic

Address: 3850 Bird Road, Ste 402B, Miami, FL 33146
Clinic Hours: M-TH 9:00 am - 8:00 pm; F 9:00 am - 5:00 pm
Phone: (786) 460-4570
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Testosterone Replacement Therapy Clinic in Miami, FL

After men reach the age of 30, their testosterone levels begin dropping gradually every year. It can lead to a decreased libido, lower bone mineral density (BMD), and an increased rate of erectile dysfunction. Testosterone replacement therapy isn’t just for men with confirmed cases of low T. Even men with average testosterone levels can see results from visiting a men’s hormone clinic where they can get their testosterone levels optimized. The research for TRT therapy shows that patients have an increased libido, sexual function, and sexual desire after undergoing a testosterone therapy. Other health benefits include a lower risk of cardiovascular disease and diabetes, higher muscle mass, and improved cognition and mood.

Testosterone hormone replacement therapy is a non-invasive medical treatment that’s typically administered in cycles along with diet and an exercise plan. It helps to naturally increase testosterone production in the body. Your body’s androgen receptors are still fully capable of processing the testosterone it receives through therapy. Patients can see results as early as 2-5 weeks after the start of treatment, with some patients taking just a few months to see the full effect of TRT. Some of the first health benefits patients report is improved memory and focus, and a boost of energy.

Dr. Thierry Jacquemin TRT in Miami, FL
Dr Thierry Jacquemin

Dr Thierry Jacquemin is an international physician, board-certified in Internal Medicine, and he has spent the last decade of his professional life helping his patients live better, smarter, longer, and prettier. He focuses on the optimization of the human physical potential, hormonal health, and advanced preventive medicine.

In addition, Dr Jacquemin has achieved “Master Injector” status with facial aesthetic procedures, and as such he has developed a phenomenal reputation as a “celebrity doctor” in Miami. He focuses on minimally invasive facial procedures, such as botox, facial fillers, facial harmonization, jaw contouring, PRP facial rejuvenation, non-surgical rhinoplasty, PDO lifting procedures, Sculptra Butt Lift, hair transplantation, and much more.

Dr Thierry Jacquemin is completely fluent in French, English, Spanish, Portuguese, and Italian. He pursued his undergraduate training at the University of Miami, where he graduated Cum Laude with a degree in Philosophy and Biology, after which he went to the prestigious NSU-COM to complete his medical degree. He has remained a high-level athlete over the years, despite a rigorous schedule, and believes wholeheartedly in practicing what he preaches.

Dr Jacquemin completed his residency at Mount Sinai Medical Center and subsequently at Palmetto General Hospital, where he served an additional academic year as Chief Resident. He continues to practice in beautiful Coral Gables, Florida, with the unrelenting philosophy to

"Live Better, Smarter, and Longer".

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Testosterone Replacement Therapy Cost in Miami, FL

We offer an initial consultation at a flat rate of $200, which includes a physical exam. After your first consultation, the cost of treatment will vary based on your individual needs and the treatment plan set forth by your physician. Renew vitality cost factors depend on the length of treatment and your personalized testosterone treatment plan.

While insurance doesn’t cover male hormone replacement therapy, blood works and diagnostic tests are often covered by most insurance companies depending on your type of coverage and whether the providers are in or out of network. Using flexible spending account is another payment option, however, we are not able to file claims for you.

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Anthony Parasole

3 days ago

It's been a great experience working with Dr. Marshall and Josh and the Renew team. I wasn't feeling well and did research for treating my low testosterone the team walked me thru the process of bloodwork and doctor visit within a few days the process was complete and started treating my prescription I feel much better and they've been really great with answering any question throughout the process!

Tj Campion

week ago

I have been so happy with this company. The results in my fitness, happiness and all around life have been amazing. Great customer service, easy to do and at a fair price...

Jon Johnnidis

2 months ago

Experienced professionals for support, great product and excellent service. Energy levels and overall body comp positive results came quickly and remained. Highly recommend.

Thomas O'Rourke

3 months ago

Nice and easy. I decided to use both services, the testosterone and sermorelin treatments. The biggest improvement I see so far is the recovery time between workouts. I am less sore and have seemly endless energy. Only a few months in, but so far, so great

G Long

4 months ago

The team at Renew Vitality is amazing. I have worked with multiple doctors both in the UK and State Side, this group represents what I consider to be best in class. I have nothing but praise for Dr. Marshall. I am a guy on the go and I will tell you that Nick on their team takes phenomenal care of me, it's like having my own personal concierge service 24/7. My only feedback would be....Don't ever lose Nick or I will have to go wherever he does. Thanks again!