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Minneapolis, MN

Minneapolis Testosterone Replacement Therapy Clinic

Our bodies are essentially a complex network of physiological processes. Generally, whatever is happening on the outside is the outward expression of our overall health and wellness. 


It’s imperative to acknowledge symptoms like balding, irregular sleeping, and weight gain. Far too often, adult men begin displaying evidence of hormonal imbalances and brush them off.


It’s easy to assume that feeling stressed or fatigued is just a natural part of life when, in reality, these could be signs of an underlying issue like low testosterone. Learning more about how your body works is the first step in identifying issues.

What is a Hormonal Imbalance?

Hormones are an essential component of the endocrine system. They are the body’s chemical messengers, and their job is to basically communicate with each part of the body. They travel through the bloodstream, telling organs, muscles, and tissues what work needs to be done and precisely when to start and finish.


Hormones like testosterone and human growth hormone (HGH) have a hand in your metabolism, growth, development, reproduction, sexual function, and mood. They regulate your sleep cycle, body temperature, and heart rate.


Occasionally, your levels can become unbalanced. T levels should typically be between 300-1000ng/dL. When they drop below 300 ng/dL, men can be diagnosed with low T.


Low T is remarkably common for men over the age of 30. Testosterone levels naturally decrease with age. Low T affects about 2% of the population. Human Growth Hormone deficiency is another prevalent hormonal imbalance that targets middle-aged men, but it doesn’t get nearly as much attention as low T. 


There are two types of hypogonadism; primary and secondary. Primary hypogonadism points to a malfunction within the testes, whereas secondary hypogonadism could be an issue with either the pituitary gland or the hypothalamus.  An HGH deficiency can occur if there is trauma to the pituitary gland or by exposure to radiotherapy.  


Researchers have found several causes for hypogonadism. The testicles are outside of the body, making them vulnerable to injuries. Past trauma to the testicles can cause low T. Infections, like mumps orchitis, can disrupt proper testicle function and halt testosterone production too. 


Clients can manage the symptoms of low T by starting testosterone replacement therapy. Doctors use a bioidentical hormone replacement therapy to optimize current T levels with injections, gels, and patches.


An HGH deficiency is only treated with HGH therapy in extreme cases like muscle wasting syndrome. For men that are otherwise healthy and would like to boost their HGH levels, there are a few clinics, including Renew Vitality, that specialize in offering sermorelin hormone therapy.  


Hormones are very similar to keys. Their shape coincides with specific receptors or keyholes. The secret to the success behind sermorelin therapy is that it has the ability to bind to the same receptors that trigger the natural production of HGH. Over time sermorelin causes the body to replenish human growth hormone levels.  

How do I know if I have Low T? 

Don’t self-diagnose low T or any other hormonal imbalance. Instead, make an appointment with a hormone expert or endocrinologist. A physician will complete a thorough evaluation before giving an official diagnosis. 


Clients should be prepared to answer questions about their medical history, complete a full physical, and take a blood panel. At Renew Vitality Minneapolis, we have clients take the blood panel 48 hours before coming to the office for their first consultation. That way, we’ll already have the results and can review them for abnormalities.

Is it easy to find Testosterone Therapy in Minneapolis?

Even though there are over 400,000 residents in Minneapolis, there are only six clinics that offer testosterone therapy. Renew Vitality Minneapolis is a leading provider of hormone replacement therapy for Twin City residents.


We are a team of health care professionals with decades of experience helping men revive their youthful vigor. At Renew Vitality, we believe the best way to reverse the common symptoms of hormonal imbalances like low T is to combine testosterone treatments with lifestyle changes through a complete and customized Wellness Program.

Renew Vitality is Different

Our physicians are expertly trained to treat the root of the problem instead of masking it with prescriptions. 


Our Wellness Program is designed to help men reach their goals through tailored exercise plans which incorporate the latest innovations in exercise science and kinesthesiology. The program also includes a full nutrition program for optimal long-lasting results.


Patient health and wellness is always our top priority. If you think you may be experiencing symptoms associated with low T, give us a call to book an initial consultation. The first appointment will include a full physical exam and blood work before diagnosis. The doctor will also go over all of your treatment options in detail. 


Getting started is easy; we have ten facilities across the nation, including Renew Vitality Minneapolis. Each location is staffed with a concierge team of medical professionals to help clients throughout their journey to peak physical health and performance.