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The use of testosterone replacement therapy has grown substantially since the FDA gave the treatment their stamp of approval to in the mid-1990s. More men than ever are turning to TRT to combat the symptoms of low T, with the number of middle-aged men prescribed tripling since the start of the new millennium.

Market analysts estimate that profits from TRT will increase by a billion dollars in the next five years. There are no signs of TRT boom stopping anytime soon, with many studies finding that TRT has many health benefits for aging males.

Testosterone and Aging

Fatigue, weight gain, weakness, and loss of muscle tone are often chalked up to getting older, but sometimes these symptoms are the product of low T production. When T levels begin to fall, the body sometimes begins to replace them with estrogen by way of the enzyme aromatase. Aromatase in males is often associated with increased belly fat and linked to prostate cancer.

When T levels begin to drop, men will sometimes notice a very gradual loss of muscle tone. This is because testosterone plays a crucial role in muscle protein synthesis, the body’s ability to convert energy into muscle mass.

Obesity rates are higher among men with low T.  Some scientists speculate that this is because hypogonadal males have more difficulty losing weight because of the negative impact that low T has on metabolism and protein synthesis.

Low T Can Affect More Than Just Our Looks

The cognitive side effects that come along with low T are often the most aggravating. Poor concentration, lowered sleep quality, zapped energy, and decreased libido are commonly reported by hypogonadal men, though scientists aren’t sure why. Some studies suggest that men with low T are also much more likely to suffer from clinical depression and mood disturbances.

Another often overlooked sign of low T is brittle bones. The National Osteoporosis Foundation found that 1 in 4  men over age 50 will have a hip break. Osteoporosis caused by the body slowly breaking down the bones for calcium and is the leading cause of bone breaks and fractures in aging men and women with low hormone levels since estrogen and testosterone protect against bone reabsorption.

The Benefits of TRT

Many studies have found that TRT holds great promise for the treatment of hypogonadism-related symptoms. Scientists have had great success in using TRT as a way to change body composition since testosterone naturally boosts the metabolism. One clinical trial revealed that hypogonadal men lose more weight on TRT than those who aren’t, and found that weight loss was almost entirely due to a reduction in fat mass.

Mental and cognitive benefits are difficult (if not impossible) to measure quantitatively, so we must rely on testimonials for that information. TRT patients often cite better mood, more energy, and an increase in libido after treatment.

How We Can Help in Dallas

TRT is not a new concept for the state of Texas; in fact, surgeries and elixirs to cure low T were commonplace in the early half of the 20th century. However, as with a lot of folk medicine in the early days of the 20th century, the science behind them was… questionable, to say the least.

A pseudo-doctor named John R. Brinkley moved to Texas in the 1930s to perform a dangerous procedure involving grafting goat testicles into the body to cure male ailments such as low libido, erectile dysfunction, and “gland disease.” At least 42 men died with complications due to these barbaric operations.

Thankfully, medicine has progressed tremendously since the era of ”goat gland medicine,” and there are now many options for safe treatment of low T now available with a prescription.

A leading provider of hormone therapy in Dallas is Renew Vitality, a nation-wide HRT center which opened it’s doors 2011 and has since become a trusted hormone therapy provider for the Dallas-Fort Worth Metropolis. Our providers strive to get to the root of each patient’s symptoms by spending the majority of each visit listening to their patient’s concerns and detailing the options available for treatment.

Renew Vitality believes healing doesn’t come from medications alone but from lifestyle changes made by the patient to their improve overall health. Dr. Ricketts puts great emphasis on making healthy choices such as smoking cessation, proper diet, and exercise to help men become the best versions of themselves.

If you’re not feeling like your old self and think it may be due to low T levels, then please schedule a consultation with our team and let us help you get your vitality back!