Creatine and Testosterone

Creatine and Testosterone

For those who have low testosterone, or who want to shore up their existing testosterone levels, Testosterone Replacement Therapy (TRT) has been shown to be a viable solution – provided it’s done under proper medical supervision and with a therapy that is tailored to their specific needs.

However, in addition to TRT, lifestyle changes and supplements can also help bolster testosterone levels. One such supplement is creatine, an organic compound that is extremely prevalent in our bodies. A key component of energy synthesis, creatine is often used to bolster testosterone levels, whether in the bodybuilding community or for those simply seeking to improve their testosterone production.

What Does Creatine Do?

Simply put, creatine is a compound naturally found in human muscle cells, formed during the metabolizing of proteins in the body. When you contract your muscles, creatine supplies the energy for you to do so.

The body can produce it naturally with the amino acids arginine and glycine, but production depends on a number of factors including muscle mass, exercise, protein intake and more. Most notably, testosterone and IGF-1 levels are also significant factors in the body’s creatine production abilities.

Creatine has been shown to increase strength, muscle mass and exercise performance when taken as a supplement, as well as protecting against all manner of neurological diseases. Most significantly, however, it can also be used as a supplement alongside TRT to help bolster testosterone levels in patients seeking greater androgen performance.

What is Creatine Supplementation?

Creatine supplementation essentially involves ingesting or taking additional creatine into your body for use in bolstering your own system’s creatine levels.

For most people, creatine supplements are most frequently found in protein powders you can find at any nutrition store; however, if you’re seeking out creatine in addition to testosterone replacement therapy, it is best to work with a wellness professional to find the form and dosage that is best for you.

Taking Creatine Alongside Your TRT

If you’re already considering starting a TRT regimen, you may want to consider asking your wellness professional about creatine supplements in addition to your existing therapy. By itself, TRT is an effective means of bolstering testosterone levels through injections or topical remedies, which can result in improved sex drive, reduced hair loss and greater body composition. It can also aid in mood, cognition, and overall well-being, making it a strong solution for men experiencing decreases in testosterone levels.

However, TRT is often about more than the introduction of testosterone supplements in the body; it is typically aided by additional supplements and lifestyle changes. For instance, creatine can be used as a supplement to TRT, converting testosterone to a more available form in the body called Dihydrotestosterone (DHT). DHT a form of testosterone used mainly by the prostate gland, genitals, seminal vesicles, skin and hair follicles to maintain proper function.

Given this relationship between creatine and testosterone, taking creatine supplements in addition to your existing TRT regimen can further improve your results. Not only will the added testosterone improve muscle mass and lower fat mass, but the introduction of further creatine will add to those muscle gains, as well as further create an environment conducive to boosting testosterone.

In addition to aiding in your existing TRT, people also tend to also take creatine to improve their workouts. With these supplements, non-weight dependent exercise will have more power when you go to the gym. Similarly, testosterone increases protein synthesis in the muscles, leading to hypertrophy or growth of muscles.

Studies have indicated that creatine is often associated with increases in strength during workouts, which is one of the most prevalent reasons for taking the supplement. However, it is just as valuable as a component of a well-rounded, thoroughly managed wellness program supervised by professional hormone specialists.

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Does Creatine Increase Testosterone?

Even if you take creatine without working out, it can affect testosterone levels in a positive manner.

The American Hair Loss Association says that male pattern baldness comes from an inherited genetic sensitivity to DHT. When hair follicles are sensitive to DHT, the follicle itself shrinks and eventually stops producing hair.

Creatine has the potential to convert testosterone to DHT, which can then bolster follicle strength and health, thus contributing to improved hair growth in those with male pattern baldness.

Creatine supplements make more DHT available in the body by chemically synthesizing testosterone to DHT. This brings many benefits to the areas of the body where DHT is most needed, from sexual health to healthier skin and hair.

Some studies state that DHT may actually be stronger than testosterone in a few key areas. According to one article, DHT has a higher rate of androgen absorption, which can then increase the male sex steroids in the blood.

More beneficially, DHT cannot be converted to the female sex steroid estrogen (a female sex steroid), which is a good thing when attempting to improve the rate of testosterone in your body. The less estrogen is present in your body, the more available your androgen receptors are to receiving free testosterone and DHT, which then improves testosterone performance.

As with all medical changes, it is important to speak with a medical professional before starting any new supplement.

How Much Creatine Should You Take?

This answer is weight-dependent for the most part. Referring to a medical professional when starting any new therapy or supplement is crucial; they will be able to recommend an appropriate dosage based on your particular wellness journey.

The question of bioavailability of creatine is important when deciding which form is right for your journey. It is recommended to have a loading period where you ingest more creatine and then taper down to a standard dose that you can take for the long term.

How to Get Started with Creatine Supplements to Boost Testosterone

In a natural setting such as working with the experts at Renew Vitality, we work on hormone replacement therapy (HRT), and integrated lifestyle and wellness programs. It is about treating you as a whole person, not just the problem you may be dealing with today.

For a consultation, contact Renew Vitality to get started on a guided, professionally supervised HRT that would seek to bring the benefits of testosterone and creatine today

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