There are few things more frustrating than trying to do your own research and looking into a legitimate treatment, only to find that there’s a myriad of misinformation online. The internet is, no doubt, a useful tool that’s connected the world in a more meaningful way than ever before. However, this near-instant access to information and ease of sharing information online has, unfortunately, come with its own set of consequences.

Testosterone Therapy In New York City And Misinformation Online

Indeed, myths and misinformation tend to run rampant online. How do you separate fact from fiction, or useful information from blatant fear mongering? Renew Vitality, your trusted hormone replacement therapy experts in New York City, urge you to consider the source. More than ever before, credibility matters when it comes to where you’re getting your information from. Even more so, when it comes to something like testosterone therapy, you’ll want to make certain about who you’re working with and what you’ll be undergoing.

Why Renew Vitality?

Renew Vitality brings decades of combined experience to the table in the anti-aging and age management industry. Helping countless men regain their confidence in life and literally renewing their vitality, our passion as testosterone therapy professionals is in helping people just like you. From addressing sexual health to helping restore your daily energy levels, testosterone therapy and HGH therapy could really benefit you and your life.

If you’re unsure if testosterone therapy is right for you, consider taking our Low-T quiz. To aid in your search for meaningful information about testosterone and male hormones, read below as Renew Vitality addresses a few common myths about this subject. Don’t hesitate to reach out to us if you have any questions about how we can help you!

Myth: Testosterone Therapy Is Illegal

Allow us to be straightforward: it’s not. If testosterone therapy is illegal, then that would make us criminals — but it’s not illegal. Now, it’s true that professional athletes have strict limitations or outright bans on the use of testosterone therapy in the context of performance enhancement. In terms of getting testosterone therapy for legitimate medical reasons, they’ll really have to jump through a number of hurdles to obtain the testosterone treatment that they need. However, all things considered, testosterone therapy is completely legal and accessible to the layman.

Myth: Testosterone Therapy Makes You Violent And Aggressive

Not to bust any superhero fantasies that you might have, but no, you’re not going to suddenly turn into The Hulk after any extent of testosterone treatment. As a legitimate medical procedure, your testosterone levels will be checked with care and assessed accordingly prior to treatment. The idea behind testosterone therapy and fighting “low T” is to restore and maintain that critical balance of testosterone that your body once had. In other words, excess testosterone should not be a concern when it comes to our testosterone therapy services in New York City.

Myth: Testosterone Therapy Is A Dangerous Steroid

Again, this is simply not true — though we do see some logic behind this popular testosterone myth. Though anabolic steroids are in fact derived from the hormone testosterone, there are other components to anabolic steroids that are not found in testosterone therapy. Nasty things like additional chemicals, boosters, and even unknown substances can be found in steroids used by bodybuilders and athletes. Conversely, with legitimate testosterone therapy as administrator and overseen by our hormone replacement experts in New York City, we use bioidentical testosterone. This means that the testosterone used for replacement therapy is derived from natural sources and compounded in such a way that it perfectly mimics the natural testosterone that the body produces.

Myth: Testosterone Will Increase Your Sex Drive Too High

More often than not, men consult Renew Vitality because they are feeling weak, they feel a distinct lack of vigor in their lives, or they just don’t feel that same “spark” in the bedroom that causes them to become sexually aroused. Testosterone therapy helps address these crippling life issues by aiming to restore the natural hormone balance that was once in effect. So, introducing additional testosterone into the male body will not necessarily result in an insatiable libido. The idea is to make it so that you’re as sexually responsive as you were before your body stopped naturally producing as much testosterone as it used to.

Consult Renew Vitality For Testosterone Therapy In New York City 

It is our professional opinion that you deserve more than a life characterized by low energy, low libido, and a dull outlook on day-to-day life. With our convenient hormone therapy treatments, Renew Vitality will help you experience a life with more confidence and…well, renewed vitality! Get started today by scheduling a consultation and speaking with our New York City testosterone therapy experts.

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