Anti Aging Center | What Happens to a Man’s Body After 50

Unfortunately, as we age changes occur in our bodies that often affect our lifestyles in a negative way. This is especially true for Men after the age of 50.  Below are a few of the many changes that occur in the male anatomy after 50. If you are experiencing any of the below symptoms, contact our anti aging center for more information on how you can reverse the effects of aging.


Changes in Muscles

After the age of 50, your muscles start to lose elasticity which causes stiffness. This stiff feeling in your muscles might make you less active and lead to losing muscle mass. Staying active and stretching regularly will help with the discomfort of stiff muscles.


Less Water in the Body

You might be unaware that after you turn 50 your body loses a significant amount of water. In fact, before you turn 50, your body consists of 61% water. However, after the age of 50 its drops down to 54%. Therefore, it’s extremely important to stay well hydrated after the age of 50.


Low Levels of Testosterone

Testosterone levels drop significantly as you age, which naturally comes with a lower libido and other negative side effects. A healthy lifestyle and testosterone therapy can help replenish these decreased levels.


What is the best Anti Aging Center ?

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As your body ages, changes in your body occur that can affect your life and lifestyle in a negative way. Our anti aging center can help you achieve the life you deserve. So, contact us today for more information. If you live in either of these areas, we offer testosterone replacement therapy in NY and testosterone therapy throughout LA.